DDT-7300 Series Complex Intelligent Detector of Passive Infrared & MW


* Adopts self-designed DSP chip with TMD (True Motion Recognition) technology
* Dual PIR +Quadruple MW + Intelligence
* Doppler effects + energy analysis.
* Adopts advanced “true motion tracing and recognition” technology.
* Pet immunity below 30kg
* Its automatic temperature compensation strengthens its prevention to wrong alarm
* Multi grades sensitivity adjustable
* Professional lens for UV resistance.
* Big or small pets can be resisted; fit for different environment

  Technical Parameter

Model DDT-7300 DDT-7300DMF DDT-7300DMT
Detecting Distance 18m*18m 18m*18m 18m*18m
Sensor Low noise,high sensitivity,Anti-RFI/EMI Dual-E PIR
Intelligent mode   DMF DMT
MW frequency 10.525/10.687GHz
Detecting speed 0.2m/s-3.5m/s
Sensitivity Self-adaption of frequency tracing
Alarm output NC Contact rating AV/DC 28V/0.2mA
Supply & Current 9—15V/DC 30mA
Temp & humidity -30 °C—70 °C 5%—95% (RH)
PIR zones > 30v/m 10MHz---1000MHz
Anti- light interference 44 or 38
Installation height 1.8m—2.5m
Installation way Wall-mounting
Tamper output NC Contact rating AV/DC 28V/0.2mA
Pet immunity   20Kg 20Kg
Anti-white light >=8000LUX
Anti-RFI/EMI 30V/m(10MHz—100MHz)
Apply range Indoor
Relay Solid state relay
DDT7300DMF Topview DDT7300DMF Sideview