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    Total Solution for Home Security.  

Total Solution for Audio & Security

Not only supply our customer products ,but also solution for Audio and Security.
Our engineering team will fully understand our customer's products and applications, providing customers with high levels of customer service and quality, through teamwork, basic communication.  
The PDCA cycle is designed to be used as a dynamic model for the improvement of a process or system . The completion of one turn of the cycle flows into the beginning of the next. Following in the spirit of continuous quality improvement, the process can always be reanalyzed and a new test of change can begin. This continual cycle of change is represented in the ramp of improvement.
Plan - a change or a test, aimed at improvement. Security Siren & Alarm
Do - Carry out the change or test (preferably on a small scale).
Check - Implement the change you decided on in the plan phase.
Check or Study - the results. What was learned? What went wrong?
Act - Adopt the change, abandon it, or run through the cycle again.
More than 30% raw material is imported from Japan and Korea and others from inland of P.R.China, which is carefully checked by our IQC. All the material shall have detail information and certificate; It would be accepted and approved by DSW.
R & D Staff
With over 10 years combined experience the DSW staff can offer you the support it needs for state of the art design and now there are 20 staff work for DSW including technicians and engineers. It is usually takes 30 days to develop a new design and develop 20-30 new model each year. Our annual investment in R&D accounts for 6.5% of sales.
Our engineering team work on products research and development as request of customers and market .
 Professional in Security Siren & Alarm
Machinery/Equipment for R&D
1.audio spectrum analyzer
2.impedance/ohm-phase analyzer
3.Auto CAD computer
4.wide-frequency Sound Level Calibrator
5.high-temperature test system
6.low-temperature test system
7.Humidity & Temperature Test System
8.Thermal Shock Machine
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Magnetic contact manufacture
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  1. Piezo sound
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