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Injection moulded plastic articles series
Made of various regular and irregular materials by the injection machine of65g-600g.
Mainly employed by Sino-foreign joint ventures, with annual output up to 300 tons.
Employing LCP polyester,ABS,etc,the wall of the die space of the injection machine is only 0.1mm.
The stampings are shaped by several times with the smallest only 0.002g/PC.
The turneries are subjected to several processes with the smallest only 0.8g/PC
Home appliance Cases
Suitable for instruments, audio-video products, various civil products,etc.
Promotes technical innovation in all levels of production related to the design and fabrication of molds,injection molding,assembling and plastics.
Also, respond flexibly to the varied and complicated needs of consumers' demand.
Car Accessories
Car Light
Car LCD monitor
Car Small Appliances
Car Radio
Car Plastic Accessories
Automobile Light
Die Casting Parts
Zinc die casting, aluminum die casting, magnesium die casting, brass die casting, alloy die casting, for various industrial applications including medical, agricultural, automotives, etc..
Our production capabilities allow us to produce, finish and machine die casting components to meet wide range of customer specifications.
Compression Press Moulding
Compression injection moulding and compression press moulding for various application including Agricultural, Telecommunication, Agricultural, Automotives, etc…
From 50 ton to 350 ton Compression Moulding Machine.
All types of Compression Moulding Materials, such as Bakalite, EPDM, SMC, BMC, Urea Moulding Compound, Phenolic Moulding Compound, etc.
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