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Sirena Exterior Con Gabinete Antidesarme Flash Y Led ---DSW---
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    Total Solution for Home Security.  
Applications: Wiring Burglar & Security alarms, public address systems, intercoms, telephone stations, speakers, instrumentation, control and other low voltage circuits that are power limited.

Code Restrictions : OK for use with all (Non-Fire) power limited circuits except those in risers and plenums.

Features: Available in 500ft or 1000ft Tangle-Free Boxes or Spools. Sequential Footage Markings.

Construction: Copper Conductors, Genelene Insulation, Flexible Polyvinyl-Chloride jackets. Standard Jacket color: Gray. Conductor color code: Chart 1(up to 12 conductors), Chart 2 (13 Conductors and over).


  • Used as control cables
  • Conductor: 7 x 0.20mm tinned copper
  • Shielded or unshielded
  • 4C, 6C, 8C, 10C, 12C, 14C and 20C security alarm cables
  • Conductor: 0.6mm or 7 x 0.20mm plain annealed copper wire
  • Insulation: PVC flame retardant O.d. 1.0mm+/-0.05mm
  • Assembling: helicoidal under polyester tape
  • Shield: 7 x 0.20mm or 0.5mm copper drain wire, overall aluminium/polyester foil >100% coverage
  • Rip cord: red synthetic fibre
  • Outer jacket: PVC flame retardant in white with thickness of 0.7mm
  • Packing: 100m/box, or 100m/plastic spool, or 300m/wooden spool

  • Structure of double fully shielded 0.22mm2 soft alarm cable
    Serial No. Section Specification Qverall Diameter(mm) Weight(Kg/Km) Add to
    A-045 2*0.22mm2 2*7/0.20 3.6 19.4
    A-046 4*0.22mm2 4*7/0.20 4.1 26.6
    A-047 6*0.22mm2 6*7/0.20 4.7 33.9
    A-048 8*0.22mm2 8*7/0.20 5.1 41.1
    A-049 10*0.22mm2 10*7/0.20 5.8 48.3
    A-050 12*0.22mm2 12*7/0.20 6 55.5
    Structure of flexible section 0.28mm2 of unshielded alarm cable
    Serial No. Section Specification Qverall Diameter(mm) Weight(Kg/Km) Add to
    A-091 2*0.28mm2 2*1/0.60 3.7 21.5
    A-092 4*0.28mm2 4*1/0.60 4.4 30.5
    A-093 6*0.28mm2 6*1/0.60 4.7 38.0
    A-094 8*0.28mm2 8*1/0.60 5.5 47.2
    A-095 10*0.28mm2 10*1/0.60 5.8 56.3
    A-096 12*0.28mm2 12*1/0.60 6.2 65.6
    A-097 16*0.28mm2 16*1/0.60 7.4 95.3
    Structure of flexible section 0.2mm2 of double shielded alarm cable
    Serial No. Section Specification Qverall Diameter(mm) Weight(Kg/Km) Add to
    A-083 2*0.2mm2 2*1/0.50 3.1 19.4
    A-084 4*0.2mm2 4*1/0.50 4.1 26.3
    A-085 6*0.2mm2 6*1/0.50 4.8 34.3
    A-086 8*0.2mm2 8*1/0.50 5.1 40.5
    A-087 10*0.2mm2 10*1/0.50 5.9 49.0
    A-088 12*0.2mm2 12*1/0.50 6.1 55.5
    A-089 16*0.2mm2 16*1/0.50 6.6 67.1
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