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Model No.: ECA-168
Brand: Ultrasonic, DSW
Country of Origin: China
Quality Approvals: ISO 9002
* Fixed-code basic-function auto alarm
* Remote trunk release
* Remote power windo
Model No.: ECA-4188
* Code leaming,Anti code grabbing
* Audible and bisual defective zone bypass
* Arm/Disam/Silent-arming
* Operation temperature: -40C to 80C
* Selectable last door a
Model No.: ECA-4100
* Arm
* Silent Siren
* Disarm the alarm system
* Auto Rearm
* Car finding
* Selectable ignition-on doors lock,ignition-off doors unlock features
* Emergency override swit
Model No.: ECL001
* Conversion Kit
* Quick & Easy Installation
* High Torque Motor
* Front Door Contral System
* For 2 Door & 4 Door
* Universal Type
* Fits All Types of C
Model No.: ECL-003
* Open the lock remotely
* Close the lock remotely
* Hieh torque motor
* Security &luxury
* Fit for the various car moulds
* Front door cntrol system (For 2 D
Model No.: ECL-4S111
  • multi-direction clutch with four doors
  • Model B of Central Control Lock-- four central control locks, primary and secondary control of driving door ?o.1 main box, No.1 UL separating wire, No.1
  • Model No.: ECL-4S111A
  • multi-direction clutch with four doors
  • Model A of Central Control Lock, double direction buffer structure--- four central control locks, primary and secondary control of driving door ?o.1 ma
    Model No.: ECL-4S322
  • multi-direction clutch with four doors
  • Model C of Central Control Lock --- four central control locks, primary and secondary control of driving door ?o.3 main box, No.2 UL separating wire, No
    Model No.: ECA-41S1M
    Basic functions *Arm/Disam with Chirp &
    flashing confirmatio *Slient arm/disarm
    *All time dooor lock/unlock
    *Engine immobilization
    *Anti car hi-jack *Door open warning *Sens
    Model No.: DIY
    Key features:
    *In arming
    *Slient warning
    *Central lock automation
    *Door unlocked reminding
    *Auto re-arm
    *Door locked warning
    *LED display
    *Trigger memory
    Model No.: ECA-403
    Key features
    *In arm reminding
    *In arm warning
    *Re-arm automation
    *Slient warning Trigger memory
    *Central lock system automation;
    Door unlocked warning
    *In arm aut
    Model No.: ECA-1688
    *Classic and fashionable
    transmitter with water-proof
    *Code-learning function
    *Car finder
    *Automatic central lock
    and power-cut memory
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